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 Remarkable Orchards commenced operation in 1994 as a family Partnership. The orchard produces export cherries, apricots, nectarines, peaches and apples in Roxburgh East, Central Otago, South Island, NZ

In 2001 a further 33 hectares of land was purchased which is being developed into cherry,  apricot, peaches and apple production.

A new packing facility and coolstore on site enables the efficient operation of quality packed summerfruit from orchard. Cherries are hydro-cooled, sized, quality inspected and packed for transport to market. We have extended this facility to accommodate new plantings in the future.

This year in 2019 a Unitec Fruit Sorting and Packing line was installed to provide state of the art technology to assist in producing the very best quality cherries for the export  and local markets.

Our apples are packed in a purpose built Apple Packing Complex in Ettrick .

The season provides continuous work from mid October, when we start thinning summerfruit until end April when the last apples are harvested.







Remarkable Orchards Mission Statement

To meet the requirements of our customers and our community, Remarkable Orchards aims to produce quality fruit in a manner that is both sustainable and enviromently responsible.