Remarkable Orchards is a family run operation that aims to produce quality fruit in a manner that is both sustainable and environmentally responsible.

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Remarkable Orchards commenced operation in 1994 as a family Partnership. The orchard produces export cherries, apricots, nectarines, peaches and apples in Roxburgh East, Central Otago, South Island, NZ


A new packing facility and coolstore on site enables the efficient operation of quality packed summerfruit from orchard. Cherries are hydro-cooled, sized, quality inspected and packed for transport to market. We have extended this facility to accommodate new plantings in the future. in 2019 a Unitec Fruit Sorting and Packing line was installed to provide state of the art technology to assist in producing the very best quality cherries for the export and local markets


Remarkable Orchards is proud to be Global Gap certified which reassures consumers about how food is produced on the orchard by minimising detrimental farming operations  reducing the use of chemical inputs and ensuring a responsible approach to worker health and safety.
The season provides continuous work from mid October, when we start thinning summer fruit until end April when the last apples are harvested.


Our fruit is also grown using (IFP) Integrated Fruit Production programme which recognises that orchard practices must be safe and sustainable.


We are also accredited to Tesco Natures Choice which was developed to ensure produce comes from growers who use good agricultural practices, operate in an environmentally responsible way and with proper regard to the health and well being of our staff.
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Every year we need approx. 60 people to help us thin, harvest and pack our crops. Work commences mid October when we begin thinning apricots. This involves pulling off unwanted fruits to enable remaining fruits to size. This is followed by apple thinning which finishes just before Christmas.

We begin our cherry harvest straight after New Year. This is followed by apricot, peaches and nectarine harvest finishing approx mid February. Apple harvest begins end February and runs until end April.

During harvest period we may work 6 days per week and extended days in the Packhouse.
Full training is provided with good working conditions available.

All applicants should be physically fit and must hold a current working holiday visa.
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We have a campsite on the orchard for self- contained vans and tents.
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We have a campsite on the orchard for self- contained vans and tents. This area has cooking facilities, showers/toilets and washing machine. The campsite is located in the middle of the property, just a short walk to the Packhouse. 

We can help with contacts for Homestay accommodation. Staying with locals is the best opportunity to experience life in the Teviot Valley.

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For all enquiries either complete our online form with additional information, email us and attach your cv, or  phone us for further information.
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Sid Birtles
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